3D printing service for wear-resistant parts made of high-performance plastics

Wearing parts from 3D printing service

Sensationally strong in the test compared to machined and injection-moulded parts

We print your individual component made of lubrication-free and abrasion-resistant iglidur® plastics; easy to order and quickly installed: everything from the prototype to the complex special part.
Upload your 3D file, check the 360° view and the units of measurement, and select a Tribo-Filament. Depending on the complexity of your product, we will then deliver it in as little as 24 hours.

News 2016  

iglidur® Tribo 3D Printing … Injection moulding tools, quick and cost-efficient … .. just shop for individual 3D parts

igus® 3D printing service: easily and quickly done

3D printing service  

Load your stl file onto the igus® configurator using "drag & drop".

3D printing service  

Check your component in the 360° view and specify the units of measurement.

3D printing service  

Select a Tribo-Filament and the desired quantity. Place your selection in the shopping basket. Done! Your required component will then be manufactured and sent to you.

Order tribo filaments and SLS plastics from stock

Order 3D printed tribo filaments from stock

3D printed Tribo filaments  
Made for motion

Our tribologically optimised filaments are up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard 3D print materials. This results in higher levels of effectiveness. So you can produce prototypes and small series more quickly and cost effectively. Printed components can also quickly replace wear parts and reduce downtime periods.

Order 3D printing material for SLS from stock

3D printed Tribo filaments  
Tribo plastic for the laser sinter process

The material iglidur® I3-PL, specially developed for laser sintering, proved to have an abrasion resistance at least 3 times greater than conventional materials for laser sintering during tribologic tests in the igus® test laboratory.

3D print building

3D print building  
Lubrication free bearing solutions and printing

We have compiled the most suitable and popular products for you from our diverse kits: linear guide systems and energy supply systems with low installation heights, the smallest sizes and the narrowest bending radii. Our lubrication and maintenance free 3D printing components allow you to improve your 3D technology while also reducing costs.

Use in car racing

Formula Student racing car  
Saves weight and installation time

Two factors were considered in the selection of the products mounted on the Formula Student racing car of Team Running Snail of the Amberg-Weiden University: the weight and the utility. The team simply printed a bearing made of iglidur® Tribo-Filament using a 3D printer, after which they machined it a little, and glued it in place.

Want to try it right away?

Order our starter kits (iglidur® I180-PF) with 25 g material in two diameters: 1.75 mm and 3 mm.

Starter kit  

3D print filament impresses during tests with injection moulding quality

Our iglidur® J260-PF Tribo filament is more wear-resistant than standard print material

We have tested our latest Tribo filament, the iglidur® material J260-PF, at our research laboratory. We started by comparing our print filament against the 3D printing material ABS and then against our own injection moulded parts made from the same high-performance plastic. The series of tests involved linear and rotating movements on shafts made from hardened, smoothed steel and stainless steel.

The comparative tests showed that 3D-printed igus® motion plastics® are also strong in moving applications

The coefficients of friction for our iglidur® J260-PF Tribo-Filament were low in all tests. On the other hand, the ABS material failed the rotating test on the stainless steel shaft.

The printed plain bearings made from our Tribo-Filament had a similar wear resistance to our standard injection-moulded parts on all test rigs.

Printed parts such as plain bearings or worm gears can therefore be directly installed and put to industrial use.

Wear test  
Wear test  

The comparative tests show the low wear rate (Y) of the iglidur® J260-PF Tribo filament in rotating motion. (Rotating wear: p=1 Mpa; v=0.3 m/s)
(A) Printed ABS; (B) Printed iglidur® J260-PF;
(C) Injection-moulded iglidur® J260-PF

The comparative tests show the low wear rate (Y) of the iglidur® J260-PF Tribo filament in linear motion. (Linear wear: v=0.3 m/s; p=1 Mpa; l=5 mm)
(A) Printed ABS; (B) Printed iglidur® J260-PF;
(C) Injection-moulded iglidur® J260-PF

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