drylin® product overview

Glides instead of rolling!

drylin® linear bearings operate on glide pads unlike the common recirculating ball bearing systems. Tests conducted over the years have shown that iglidur® J, J 200 and X are the ideal materials for most linear applications due to their positive properties in wear and friction. Hence the drylin® linear plain bearings are equipped with these materials.

drylin® linear bearing systems are designed for the dry operation. Your applications are thereby protected against soiling by grease or oil. In contrast to recirculating ball bearings, the drylin® bearings do not depend on the travel length and hence do not pose any conditions on the minimum stroke length.

drylin® T  

drylin® T

Linear guide systems

Profile rails. Corrosion-free, wear-resistant, low coefficient of friction.

drylin® N low profile guide systems  

drylin® N

Low profile linear guide systems

Profile rails. Dry operation and freedom from maintenance for small installation spaces.

drylin® W  

drylin® W

Modular linear guide system

Maintenance-free linear guide systems for almost unlimited leeway for implementation.

drylin® R  

drylin® R

Linear round guide,
Accessories and shafts

Lubricant-free, rugged and insensitive to dirt. 100% maintenance-free.
Shafts and supported shafts, shaft end supports, shaft blocks, etc.

drylin® SHT lead screw modules  

drylin® SHT

Spindle-lift tables

Maintenance-free spindle-lift tables in various material and shaft combinations. The right module for every application.

drylin® ZLW - Toothed belt axis  

drylin® ZLW

Toothed belt axis

For quick positioning of small loads.

Linear guide systems and modules made of solid plastic and carbon fibre  

drylin® E

"E" for electric

Lubrication-free linear module with stepper and DC motors
Drive: lead screw, toothed belt or rack

Linear guide systems and modules made of solid plastic and carbon fibre  

drylin® carbon fibre

Linear guide systems and modules made of solid plastic and carbon fibre

Lead screw units  

drylin® - Trapezoidal leadscrew nut

Completely maintenance-free and highly loadable.

drylin® single tube guide easytube  

drylin® SET - EasyTube

The new linear unit for light adjustment functions guarantees freedom from lubricants with simultaneously low coefficient of friction and ideal wear behavior.

drylin® NT telescopic guides  

drylin® NT

Telescopic rails

Lubricant-free extensions up to 600mm with or without detent.

drylin® - digital measuring systems  

drylin® WKM

digital measuring systems

Battery powered measuring systems up to 10m, ready to install including linear guide and clamping.

drylin® WKMEX  

drylin® WKMEX

Digital measuring system with external output

Ready to install measuring system for external data output.

drylin® W hybrid bearing | roller bearing  

drylin® W hybrid bearing | roller bearing

Hybrid bearings | roller bearing in 2 new sizes

drylin® W hybrid bearings | roller bearings ensure low drive forces – needed primarily for manual adjustments – by combining gliding and rolling.

drylin® stainless steel linear technology  

drylin® ES

Stainless steel linear technology

Linear bearings and guides, spindle linear units made of VA material for the highest resistance in all media.

drylin® Q product overview  

drylin® Q

Square linear guides

torque resistant

Section tube made of hard-anodized aluminum

Tolerates moments up to 10 Nm

Lubrication-free and light weight

Extensive accessories

drylin® gliding pads  

drylin® gliding pads

RSDJ-Round Slide Disk

made from the high performance material
iglidur® J


Low coefficient of friction

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