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Gripper from the 3D printer

Additive manufacturing for robotic grippers, 2-finger grippers, 3-finger grippers, gripping systems, grippers for packaging robots

Make grippers with 3D printing with iglidur high-performance polymers from igus - a cost-effective, robust and lightweight alternative to metal grippers. The moving parts of the grippers are subject to constant wear due to the constant movement. By producing a gripper with 3D printing and using low-wear iglidur polymers, the components are automatically optimised for permanent movement and friction. In addition, a plastic gripper is up to7 times lighter than a conventional metal gripper. Additional bearing or the use of lubricants is dispensed with as the high-performance polymers are self-lubricating and the gripper and its moving elements are protected against contamination.

Advantages of producing grippers with 3D printing

  • Up to 85% less cost and 70% time savings in manufacturing
  • Fast and cost-effective production
  • Individual shapes feasible with no minimum order quantity
  • Complex shapes can be implemented with 3D printing
  • Wear-free and friction-optimised iglidur polymers to choose from
  • Use without extra lubricant - Less susceptible to dust and dirt

Advantages of grippers made by the 3D printer by means of an application example

In an application example of the cosmetics manufacturer Carecos, the use of grippers made of iglidur I150 made it possible to save up to 85% of the costs and 70% of the production time for new plastic grippers.

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Gripper made by 3D printing in bottling  

3D printing service

In our 3D printing service online tool you can easily upload and order the CAD file of your roller. Here you will also find the selection of iglidur polymers for production with 3D printing. With our wall thickness analysis, you can also check the component for any weak points.

More information about the 3D printing service

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Filament and laser sintering powder made of iglidur polymer

  • Up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than standard material
  • Wear-resistant components for prototypes and small batches
  • Simple processing
  • Ideal for tribological applications
  • Lubrication-free and dirt-resistant

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Durability of our 3D printing materials

Specifically for components in moving applications. The wear-resistant parts made of iglidur polymers manufactured with 3D printing at igus have a longer service life than standard 3D printing materials. In our in-house laboratory, we test our iglidur polymers continuously regarding their tribological properties.

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Order 3D printing sample box

igus 3D print sample box with wear-resistant parts from iglidur  

See for yourself the quality of our components made with 3D printing. Order our free sample box with a selection of printed samples and iglidur materials from igus additive manufacturing.

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Questions about 3D printing

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