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Fire-resistant, maintenance-free, cost-effective:
motion plastics® solutions for the railways

motion plastics® are polymer bearing technology, energy chains and fail-safe cables from igus® which, thanks to their outstanding qualities, help you to master the challenges you face. In the igus® test laboratory, the largest in the industry, these qualities have been tested and verified, and have also proven themselves in practice.

  • Numerous igus® products meet Hazard Level 3 according to DIN EN 45545.
  • Special plain bearing materials also fulfil requirement sets R22 and R23, while certain cables fulfil R15 and R16.
  • Service life can be calculated with free online tools
  • motion plastics® achieve weight savings
  • Vibration-dampening bearing technology
  • Maintenance-free bearing technology without any additional lubrication
  • High temperature resistance from -50 °C to +170 °C
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Cost-effective igus® polymer products for rail technology

iglidur® RW370 plain bearings  
iglidur® RW370 plain bearings

Complies with the European fire protection standard DIN EN 45545

Flame retardant

High wear resistance

Low coefficient of friction

No additional lubrication


chainflex® SPECIAL.414 cable  
CFSPECIAL.484 bus cable
CFSPECIAL.414 control cable

  • Flame-retardant (according to DIN EN 60332-1-2, DIN EN 45545-2)
  • Fire safety class: 3 (in accordance to EN 45545-2) or 4 (in accordance to DIN 5510-2)
  • 36 month chainflex® guarantee
  • Small bend radius
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E2 micro energy supply system  
E2 micro energy supply system

  • High torsional resistance
  • Smallest inner heights and bend radii
  • Mounting brackets with strain relief optional
  • Small pitch for silent operation
  • Cable-friendly interior
  • Lightweight
  • igumid G V0 GF material, in accordance with DIN EN 45545

iglidur® RW370 plate bar stock  
iglidur® RW370 plate bar stock

  • Complies with the European fire protection standard DIN EN 45545
  • Flame retardant
  • Wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction

iglidur® RW370 round bar  
iglidur® RW370 round bar

  • Complies with the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545  HL3, R22/R23
  • Flame retardant
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction

dryspin® high helix lead screw  
dryspin® lead screw technology

  • Lubrication and maintenance-free
  • Higher efficiency (up to 82%)
  • Extended service life due to asymmetry
  • Media-resistant
  • The radius tooth design ensures low-noise, low-vibration running

Checked in the igus® test laboratory for real use

A glimpse into the chainflex® and e-chain® test laboratoryTake a look at our chainflex® and e-chains® test laboratory, where tests are run with 10 billion cycles every year.


Glimpse into the dry-tech® test laboratoryIn the industry's largest test laboratory, iglidur® plain bearings and drylin® linear technology are put to the acid test.


This is why Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg chooses igus® products

Components that meet the highest demands are called for

Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg (VAG) is already profiting from the use of motion plastics® and igus® cables in the entrance systems of its trams. VAG system technician Robert Meier: "The developments and requirements are increasingly moving in the direction of the intelligent door. For this purpose, there are cables for the optical door closing signal, for the sensors that detect trapping and for the door switches. "Each door of VAG railways has tocope with around 70,000 opening and closing cycles per year.

VAG system technician Robert Meier and igus® expert Werner Pecher test a door system with chainflex® cables and e-chain®.

VAG system technician Robert Meier and igus® expert Werner Pecher test a door system.

Flame-retardant and less maintenance work

Large, easy-to-install bolts in the
E2 micro e-chain® used make it very stable while smooth contours reduce wear and tear on the cables. This is particularly important in the VAG's case, where very thin energy chains led to cable and chain damage in the past. In addition, CFSPECIAL.414 cables that were specially developed for railway vehicles are used. They increase the maintenance intervals to up to 16 years, as can be verified in tests, and have a halogen-free, flame-retardant jacket material.

chainflex® CFSPECIAL.414 cable together with an e-chain®

e-chain® with chainflex® cable in the VAG door system


igus® products being used successfully in the rail industry

Train brake with iglidur® plain bearings  
Heat-resistant, corrosion-free plain bearings for brakes

iglidur® plain bearings are built into train and tram brakes as they enable trouble-free operation where impacts and dirt occur and do not corrode. Use at very low or high temperatures between -100 °C and 250 °C are made possible by special materials that have been developed for extreme temperatures.

Entrance systems with different igus® products.  
Fail-safe entrance systems with a long service life

chainflex® cables, dryspin® lead screw technology and energy supply systems are used to make entrance systems maintenance-free and, above all, long-lasting. Defective doors can constitute a hazard to passengers in emergency situations and, in everyday life, are hindrance to speedy passenger boarding and alighting.

Driver's cab with iglidur® plain bearings, dryspin® lead screw technology and drylin® linear technology  
Wear-resistant controls in the driver's cab

The properties of motion plastics® are also advantageous in the controls used to operate trains and trams. drylin® linear guides are fitted in brake handles or in sunshades, for example. Bearing points in control panels, for example, are fitted out with iglidur® G plain bearings for a high level of wear resistance. Adjustable floor pedestals have been fitted with dryspin® lead screws and enable easy adjustment.

iglidur® plain bearings in railway signals and shunting switches  
Weather-resistant plain bearings for the railway network

In shunting switches, iglidur® plain bearings are used to mount the rollers in the roller switching system. The use of plain bearings made of high-performance polymers has several advantages. The plain bearings do not corrode and they protect the shaft against wear. Since  the iglidur® plain bearings are temperature resistant, they can withstand even extreme weather conditions. igus® plain bearings demonstrate these advantages in wheel tensioners and signals as well.  

Maintenance hall with lifting platform and e-chains®  
Robust cable guidance in maintenance halls

In maintenance halls and workshops, energy supply systems from igus® are used in order to guide cables safely and increase their service life. The guidance of cables in e-chains® prevents corkscrews and minimises failures and maintenance work. Cables can be fitted or replaced easily and quickly.  

iglidur® plain bearing in coupler  
Reliable and lubrication-free coupling

Railway couplers profit from the high reliability of iglidur® plain bearings and thrust washers. In Scharfenberg couplers, for example, they are used at the main pin so that the hooked plate can turn during coupling. The plain bearings do not need any additional lubrication and are therefore maintenance-free.

drylin® linear technology and iglidur® plain bearings in the passenger area  
Maintenance-free and clean in the passenger area

iglidur® plain bearings and drylin® linear technology ensure clean adjustment, low coefficients of friction and low-noise movements without the need for any additional lubrication. This is due to the incorporated dry lubricants, which are embedded in the igus® materials. If the components have to be in line with DIN 45545, iglidur® RW370 can be used.  

Where are igus® products used in the rail industry?

Reliable, maintenance-free operation are critical when used under high cycle rates and changing weather conditions. motion plastics® from igus® are absolutely maintenance-free as they do not require any lubricants. They are fail-safe, free of toxic substances and have been tested in accordance with corresponding standards for rail systems. igus® offers the widest range of cables for motion, all tested in the largest laboratory in the industry and with a guarantee of 36 months.

igus® solutions for the driver's cab and the passenger area


igus® solutions for exterior applications, railway networks and maintenance halls.


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