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Direct from the Cologne trade show stand: more than 100 motion plastics® innovations 2020

Technology up, costs down: we will always give you one of the two. That is our profession and what we have offered you for many years.  
The immense challenges of the upside-down year of 2020 have spurred us on to even greater efforts. You can find precise information about each innovation and new product on the following pages:
Tech up
Cost down
Evidence from the igus® test laboratory

As always, if you can't find something you urgently need, write us and share your idea. "It´s our job. “

2020 innovations by product category

e-chain news  
Energy chains

19 e-chain® innovations in detail


13 chainflex® cable innovations in detail

rrobolink RL-DP  
Harnessed systems

Six readychain® and readycable® innovations in detail

smart plastics  
smart plastics®

6 innovations for smart plastics in detail

rrobolink RL-DP  
Plain bearings

Nine iglidur® plain bearing innovations in detail

Linear technology

13 innovations for drylin linear technology in detail

dryspin® heavy-duty threads  
Lead screw technology

Two dryspin® lead screw technology innovations in detail

Low Cost Automation solution  
Low Cost Automation

Four Low Cost Automation innovations in detail

rrobolink RL-DP  
3D printing

Ten iglidur® 3D printing innovations in detail

rrobolink RL-DP  
Bar stock

Six iglidur® bar stock innovations in detail

Mould-resistant iglidur materials  
Slewing ring bearings

Nine iglidur® PRT innovations in detail

Pillow block and fixed flange bearings with low-cost metallic housing  
Pillow block and fixed flange bearings

Seven igubal® innovations in detail

rrobolink RL-DP  
Polymer ball bearings

Four xiros® ball bearing innovations in detail

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Energy and data transmission installed in 1 hour

Horizontal travels ready for installation from €49/m

No more complex trough design - the e-chain travels exactly in line on just one tensioned steel cable. And it's very cost-effective, too: from €49/m including e-chain®, five single-core cables, one bus cable, and steel cable and installation material.
▲ Tech up

Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system

4m/s speed, 80m travel

▼ Cost down

88% shorter assembly time compared to aluminium troughs

Continuous panel feed

e-spool flex 2.0 the igus version of a cable drum

Cable diameters from 5mm up to 15mm can be used. The cable is always safely routed through a feed-through to ensure that it is properly wound up at all times.
▲ Tech up

Universally installable (on the floor, on the ceiling or on the wall)


▼ Cost down

No slip ring, cost-effective when repairs are necessary

No more unexpected bearing damage

New plain bearings standard product range for predictive maintenance

iglidur® isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it.
▲ Tech up

Avoid sudden failures.

Detect and monitor maintenance requirements via remote diagnostics

▼ Cost down

Shafts are protected from damage

Electrostatically dissipative laser sintering material

SLS powder for all commonly used laser sintering systems and in 3D printing service

Electrostatically dissipative laser sintering material for durable, abrasion-resistant 3D printing components. Ideal for applications in the electronics industry, where ESD properties are essential for avoiding damage to electronic components.
▲ Tech up

Contact resistance 10^6 to 10^9 ohms * cm

Rigidity 60% higher than with iglidur® I3

▼ Cost down

Component entirely black, no additional dyeing necessary

Modular control and Software

igus® Robot Control for linear robots, robolink® and delta robots

This set enables you to control a robolink® D robot arm, drylin® linear robot, or delta robot. Robots are easy to program and control via the software's graphical user interface.
▲ Tech up

Programming and integration of robots for everyone

Available in control cabinet or on top-hat (DIN) rail assembly

▼ Cost down

Digital Twin feature

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) - now also for e-chains

chainflex® PUR bus cable with Single Pair Ethernet technology

Single Pair Ethernet technology (SPE) is the key to smart industrial automation. For the first time, this enables uniform, space and cost-efficient Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" from the cloud via the switch cabinet to the machine.
▲ Tech up

  • This allows continuous Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" (from the control cabinet to the machine)
  • Cable 25% thinner than that of CAT5e with the same data transmission rate
▼ Cost down
  • Installation spaces can be 25% smaller than CFBUS.PUR.045
  • Costs are 20% lower than those of a four-paired CAT5e cable (CFBUS.PUR.045)

Pull-out made easy

Save costs and weight with drylin® polymer telescopes NTP27

Lightweight for easy transport.   Also very energy-efficient in interior applications. Installation is quick and intuitive, and the polymer telescopic guide adapts to the application environment thanks to the colour selection.
▲ Tech up

Complete telescopic guide made of solid plastic

Quiet operation because balls are dispensed with

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective production in injection moulding

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