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Material table

Genera l features Unit iglidur® J iglidur® J350 iglidur® R iglidur® A180
Density g/cm³ 1,49 1,44 1,39 1,46
Colour yellow yellow red white
Max. humidity absorption at 23°C/50% R. H. % weight 0,3 0,3 0,2 0,2
Max. water absorption % weight 1,3 1,6 1,1 1,2
Coefficient of surface friction, dynamic, against steel µ 0,06 - 0,18 0,10 - 0,20 0,09 - 0,25 0,05 - 0,23
P x v value, max. (dry) MPa x m/s 0,34 0,45 0,27 0,31

Mechanical properties
Bending E-module MPa 2.400 2.000 1.950 2.300
Tensile strength at +20 °C MPa 73 55 70 88
compressive strength MPa 60 60 68 78
Maximum recommended surface pressure (20° C) MPa 35 60 23 28
Shore D-hardness 74 80 77 76

Physical and thermal properties
Max. long term application temperature °C +90 +180 +90 +90
Max. short term application temperature °C +120 +220 +110 +110
Minimum application temperature °C -50 -100 -50 -50
thermal / heat conductivity [W/m x K] 0,25 0,24 0,25 0,25
Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 23° C) [K-1 x 10-5] 10 7 11 11

Electrical properties
Specific forward resistance Ωcm > 1013 > 1013 > 1012 > 1012
surface resistance Ω > 1012 > 1010 > 1012 > 1011

Lead screw technical information
Lead deviation 0.1 mm / 300 mm
Straightness (standard) 0.3 mm / 300 mm
Directed <0.1 mm / 300 mm
Tolerance (in accordance with DIN 103) 7e
The tensile/compressive strength of the EN AW 6082 lead screw material is 160 MPa per mm² (elongation limit 0.2 mm)


A = Steep flank angle, standard geometry
B = Flat flank angle, dryspin® geometry

Higher efficiency due to optimised thread angle

Due to a flatter thread angle of about 30° in dryspin® high helix lead screws (similar to a trapezoidal thread), the applied force is efficiently converted into a translational motion. Compared with a steeper thread angle, this means a lower power loss.


A = Angular-toothed flanks, standard geometry
B = Round-toothed flanks, dryspin® geometry

Low noise and vibration dampening due to rounded tooth geometry

Due to the radius tooth design, the contact surface between the lead screw nut and the lead screw is reduced. Thereby the dryspin® lead screw nuts move without vibration, virtually noiselessly. This is because, the greater the contact of two surfaces moving against one another, the more vibrations are transmitted, which can be perceived as a rattle or squeak. The rounded teeth minimise this effect and the thread moves without lubrication and with low noise.


1 = lead screw
2 = nut
A = symmetrical standard geometry
B = asymmetrical dryspin® geometry

Extended service life due to asymmetry

Due to the larger distances between the individual dryspin® thread turns, the thread ideally matches the properties of the lubrication-free igus® high performance polymers. The proportion of the tribologically optimised polymer in the thread turns can be extended by a factor of 1.3 for all sizes. More wear resistant material and higher levels of efficiency are crucial for up to 5 times longer service life of standard geometries. The larger the lead screw diameter, the stronger the impact of this effect. Backlash can be minimised life-long by the use of dryspin® zero-backlash threaded nuts with integrated spring pretension.

Screw drive experts  
Tested: Lubrication-free iglidur® materials from igus®

Liners, sliding parts and lead screw nuts from drylin® adapted for your application: lubrication-free, tested and predictable

15,000 tribology tests each year

More than 300 simultaneous operating test setups

140 trillion test motions

Continuous testing of drylin® products

dry-tech® polymers

igus® high performance polymers are used in all drylin® linear and drive units as well as lead screw drives. The lubrication is incorporated into the bearing material, rendering the bearing materials suitable for dry-running conditions, i.g. they are maintenance-free for their entire service life.

Selecting materials

drylin® lead screw nuts are made from tribologically optimised materials. Starting in the development phase, the focus is on optimising the friction properties of the drylin® lead screw units, with the objective of attaining the lowest possible wear rates and friction values.


Every year, several hundred tests are set up and performed on threading test rigs at the igus® test laboratory. The results are incorporated into freely accessible online tools, where the service life and the required torque can be determined.

dryspin® wear rate

X = Run length of dryspin® high helix thread in km
Y = Wear rate [μ/km stroke path of the nut]
dryspin® high helix thread wear test 10x25, load 175 N, 540 mm stroke, 125 RPM


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