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igus® Engineer's Toolbox
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Customer-specific designs configurable online

The expert can help engineers quickly find the right lead screw system part for their application and will also predict service life. Finally, order the parts or request further information from us.
The configurator enables engineers to quickly find the right lead screw and machine the pins from both sides. The application generates a dimensioned drawing of the configuration. Engineers can then order the lead screw or request further information.

➔ Help with selecting the optimal 
      lead screw system for your application
➔ service life calculation for desired
     lead screw drive configuration
➔ PDF download with all details about
     required application

➔ Individual pin machining without CAD software
➔ 2D dimensioned drawing and 3D step file, generated
     directly online
➔ immediate price calculation, order online straight away or request quotation

➔ Make your individual request quickly and easily
➔ Just fill out the form and we will take care of
     your request
➔A technical consultant will then
   contact you


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