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igus® solutions in pipe laying equipment for pipelay vessel

Applications on pipelay ships are diverse and vary depending on the application. This makes it possible to use the offshore energy chain of the E4.1 series on the tensioners as well as on the welding systems. igus® also offers completely enclosed energy chains for welding systems, in order to protect cables and hoses from external influences. Due to the great optional versatility of the energy chains of the E4.1 series, the cable filling and the available space are ideally suited to the application.
A further application on the ships is the energy supply of the pipe laying tower at the bearing point on the main deck. Here, however, the entire cable pack as well as the hydraulic or water lines must also be guided safely. The energy chain of the E4.350 series, which is beneficial like all igus® energy chains due to its corrosion resistance and maintenance-free operation, is used here. Another great advantage is the low weight as well as the cost efficiency of the energy chain compared to steel energy chain.
In the rotary cranes on the ship, igus® rotary modules are used, which offer an alternative to slip rings. By the use of cable-friendly energy chains in the complete system, the maintenance effort can be reduced by 90% compared to slip rings.
This can also specifically address customer requests, which are planned by the igus® engineering team. Always with the focus to deliver a system that is easy to integrate and works without much maintenance effort.

Pipelay vessel

Welding equipment and crane systems inside the ship equipped with E4.1 tubes.

Pipe Laying Tower

Complete energy supply for the pipe laying tower safely guided by an E4.350.


Heavy-duty energy chains of the series E4.1 installed on the tensioners of the pipe laying tower.

Engineering projects & custom solutions

Whether conversion or new installation: we offer customised special solutions for challenging applications worldwide - from the first sketch to commissioning on site.


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