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readycable® from igus® with industrial connectors from HARTING supply storage and retrieval units from the intralogistics specialist SSI Schäfer


  • Application: Storage and retrieval units (SRU) in modular warehouse and logistics systems 
  • What was needed: Standardised components with the aim of procuring subsystems from one source if possible
  • Requirements: In tropical conditions or even in deep freezers – a high availability of the storage and retrieval units is indispensable with a throughput of up to 30 double cycles per hour 
  • Success for the customer: The ready-to-connect systems from igus optimise the procurement process, streamline internal logistics and reduce assembly times.

About storage and retrieval units (SRUs): Since the introduction of the "Exyz", SSI Schäfer has relied on pre-assembled energy supply systems with readycable for the up and down movements.  The Exyz is the ideal solution for fully automatic storage of pallets. The name is self-explanatory. The 'E' stands for efficiency, energy consumption and performance, and on all three axes X, Y and Z on which the SRU operates: longitudinal travel, lifting as well as storage and retrieval movements. Exyz convinces with its maximum flexibility: the storage and retrieval unit can be used as a single-master or two-master unit with one or two load suspension devices for single, double or multiple depth storage and retrieval including SSI Orbiter LHD.  

readycable & readychain ready-to-install energy chains in storage and retrieval units

The challenge

Storage and retrieval units must also operate reliably in the deep freeze at temperatures down to -30°C. Therefore it is essential that all components, from steel structures up to the energy chain and their cables, are designed and approved accordingly. To ensure a high availability of the system components and to keep maintenance and repair costs to a minimum, particular attention is paid to the plug-in connectors, which reliably ensure power and signal transmission even at very low freezing temperatures.
"As a general contractor, we bear full responsibility for the intralogistics systems of our customers," clarifies Markus Sellen, Product Manager Storage Technology at SSI Schäfer . "For this reason, we only work with suppliers who, on the one hand, take the system concept into account and, on the other hand, understand technical requirements down to the last detail in order to provide the appropriate solutions and further developments. "


The system solution consists of an energy chain of the E2/000 series, fail-safe chainflex control and data cables as well as bus and motor cables. In the deep-freeze area, the ready-to-connect readycable cables are also equipped with Harting plug-in connectors for easy handling.  Before the introduction of Exyz, the company did the harnessing themselves. "For economic reasons only pre-assembled systems have been used, which only have to be installed at the respective construction site. " The company igus harnesses on an industrial scale with a machine park that an in-house harnessing can understandably not provide.
For this purpose, Harting industrial connectors are used, which are harnessed by igus with crimping machines. Among other things, these plug-in connectors have been designed to combine different transmission media in one joining link. Extensive accessories meet the different customer requirements. This ensures the required variability in the cable configurations. In addition it is important to ensure that disassembly or assembly, which is sometimes carried out on the mast at great heights, can be carried out easily with gloves due to the cold. This is ensured among other things by clip locks on the plug-in connector.

About readycable® with HARTING

Used products in detail:

The plug-in connectors from Harting in combination with pre-assembled energy chain systems from igus ensure permanent availability. The plug-in connectors from Harting in combination with pre-assembled energy chain systems from igus ensure permanent availability.
chainflex cables in e-chain Various fail-safe chainflex cables in use in an igus energy chain


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