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Design flexibly tribo-tape liner

We will manufacture your required product from our iglidur® tribo-tape liner.

The tribo-tape liner from igus® is used for lining areas susceptible to wear, for optimising conveyor systems and for machine beds etc. If you need a customised liner, you can submit a request.
Simply describe the requirements the liner has to fulfil, and we will provide you with a solution.
Whether a product that has been specially tailored by the metre, or freely designed pre-cut parts: 

✓ Cutting to other widths and desired lengths

✓ Parts according to your dxf and PDF files

✓ Individual

✓ Cost-effective

Our liner is very versatile. Typical application areas are, e.g.: mechanical engineering, material handling, jig making, assembly technology, ...

Tribo-tape service in practice

iglidur A160 in a rack for tablets

Racks for tablets are made of precision-machined aluminium parts. For a rotation of 90°, bearings must be wear-resistant, low-friction and maintenance-free. iglidur® A160 tribo-tape meets all these requirements.
Benefits for the customer

  • Low friction
  • Prevents stick-slip effect
  • Wear-resistant

iPad stand

These are our manufacturing technologies:


To produce two-dimensional parts for prototypes as well as small batches, the plotter method is ideal. 
Its advantage is that the part can be changed at any time as no tools are required.


For large batches, stamping is the best-suited manufacturing method.
In this case, the liner is available with and without adhesive back.
To make assembly easier, the tape with adhesive back can be produced in the so-called kiss-cut procedure, so that the part can be separated from the adhesive tape without problems.

We offer you the tribo-tape liner as raw material, i.e. sold by the metre in roles (of 50m each), or as your individual two-dimensional finished part. Simply fill in the form and request your individual part.


In the following fields, you can tell us how many articles you need, inform us of any other important requirements and upload your 2D model (preferably as a .pdf/. dxf) to us.


2D model of your component

Here, you can upload files with a total size of approx. 10 MB.
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