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drylin E line robot | Workspace 800 x 500mm

  • For loads up to 5[kg]
  • for precision requirements up to approx. 0.3mm
  • for speeds up to max. 1m/s
Product description
drylin E room linear robot
igus supplies flat, linear and room linear robots for a multitude of different tasks. igus linear robots include harnessed drylin linear modules/axes with NEMA stepper motors as well as all the components needed to build your own robot.
•Z-axis: drylin GRR-1280 lightweight rack with direct drive NEMA 23XL stepper motor with encoder
•Y-axis: drylin ZLW-10120 toothed belt axis with NEMA 23XL stepper motor with encoder
Proximity switches optionally available and can be mounted along the entire profile length via T-slots
Application examples: Pick & Place, marking applications, sorting systems, identification in microelectronics or medical technology and many more
Further strokes up to 3m are available as standard and after technical testing also up to 6m and 20kg. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Technical data


Ong Liang You (Ryan)

Product Manager drylin® Linear Slide Bearings ASEAN

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