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Digital - for employees and customers

We see digitalisation as a great opportunity, but also as a continuous process that takes place both internally in our teams and on the customer side. We want to do pioneering work in the area of our products, our sales and marketing activities, and the working lives of our employees. Fresh impulses, such as the Metaverse, give us the opportunity to break new ground and explore.

Work at igus – digital and dynamic

We are an agile industrial company. Modern tools, software, and cloud-based services are the basis for our success, from production to sales to marketing and e-commerce. In process analysis and optimisation, we use data analytics and process mining. Based on the DevOps concept, we develop large parts of our software landscape and digital services, such as our product-related online tools, ourselves. Scrum and kanban are tried and tested methods – in everyday life, but also in the overarching project work of the various specialist and corporate departments. Our iCollaboration is an enterprise platform based on various apps that enables us to share content with all our branches worldwide, provide information, and simplify collaboration with blogs, chat, whiteboards, planners, and much more.    

Screenshot of a kanban board at igus Digital kanban board in igus IT
Home Office

Work from Home

Home office is an integral part of our working environment. Modern software and hardware enable everyone to work easily and professionally from home, and our workforce is networked with Microsoft Teams. We see mobile work as a useful addition to the exchange of ideas on the igus campus, and we have not yet been able to connect our systems for just a joint lunch in our canteen and the kitchens of those working at home. As with many other companies, it was the first phase of the Corona pandemic that prompted us to digitalise and modernise our working environments faster. For our efforts at reaching and supporting our employees and customers during this time, the F.A.Z. Institute recognised us as an “exemplary company in the crisis” in 2021.  

Digital and exemplary - the latest awards

Digital products – What do we offer our customers?

Our customer-level innovations range from digital tools such as online configurators to new business models such as online platforms to smart plastics – digitally enhanced products equipped with sensors for generating, exchanging, and evaluating data. These products are an important building block for predictive maintenance solutions. We practice "failing fast" during development and use Build-Measure-Learn to continuously improve our results.

IMPS exhibition hall The IMPS: physical trade fair, can be experienced online

IMPS — Experience tomorrow's movement virtually

In times of pandemic and home office, customer contacts became more impersonal and digital. The IMPS (igus motion plastics show) is our way of presenting our products to the customer in a manner that is as close and genuine as possible.

IMPS is a physical trade show that anyone interested can discover online, on their own or accompanied by an igus expert who is at the stand live.

Find out more about the IMPS trade show

Online tools – Calculate and configure online

We consider something a product only if it can be configured online. We are therefore continuously working on our online tools to make motion plastics products customisable for our customers.

Our online tool for the ReBel robot, for example, allows intuitive programming and testing of our Low Cost Automation products. Our services also provide reliable service life calculation data based on our laboratory data and help you find the right solution.

To all the online tools
robolink Designer Pictured: The programming software for the ReBel robot

You can try out all the online tools right away. Here is a selection:

smart plastics – our products are predictive

Intelligent energy chains, cables, plain and slewing ring bearings, and linear guides set new standards in maintenance and repair. These smart plastics products recognize your maintenance needs, make forecasts, and thus avoid system or production downtime.

Sensors record component condition and transmit the data. e-chains, for example, can be monitored for push/pull forces during operation and maintained in time to prevent them from failing.

Find out more about smart plastics
smart plastics smart plastics: Thanks to sensors, products become intelligent.

RBTX RBTX: For providers and customers of robotics components.

RBTX — The online platform for robotics components

The RBTX platform brings users and suppliers of low-cost robotics components together quickly and easily. Users can find gantries, robot arms, end effectors, camera modules, control systems and much more centrally in one place - and can find individual components or assemble entire robots.

At the same time, providers of robotics components can market their products to a wider audience in a targeted and convenient way on the RBTX marketplace.

Go to the RBTX online platform

igumania — discover the igus product world in a playful way

Our world of motion plastics is constantly growing. igumania was finally born from the idea of explaining our products and their advantages to customers in a playful way.

The idle game is played entirely in a fictional rover factory. The goal: With the help of motion plastics, production is to be gradually upgraded, the system will be less susceptible to maintenance and downtimes will be reduced.

Learn more about igumania
igumania: The idle game for the playful exploration of the igus world.

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