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Our test lab for drylin® linear technology

Due to the use of sliding elements made of high-performance polymers, drylin linear technology is especially wear-resistant, quiet, dirt-resistant, suitable for high temperatures and works without additional lubrication. So that we can guarantee all these properties, our products are tested extensively and under realistic conditions in our 3,800m2 test lab. Every year, we conduct over 135 trillion test movements to tailor our products to your requirements.

What is tested and how?

At 54 test points, our drylin products are tested under different conditions in the test lab.  The tribological properties of the linear guides are tested by means of wear and friction tests. In addition, assemblies are tested for function, service life, strength and failure scenarios.
To make sure that the products operate reliably even in difficult circumstances, tests are carried out underwater and in very dirty environments, for example. The results of our tests are stored in igus databases and incorporated into our online tools. That way, everybody can calculate service life with the free online tools.


What test rigs are there in the linear technology test lab?

Linear long stroke

  • Test of pivoting wear rate
  • Load up to 200N
  • Surface speed of 0.01m/s
  • Tests at room temperature
  • Available shaft diameter 10mm
  • Stroke length 300mm
  • Underwater tests possible

Test rig for linear long stroke

  • Coefficient of wear and friction during linear movement
  • Load up to 2500N
  • Surface speed of 0.2m/s
  • Tests at room temperature
  • Available shaft diameter: 20mm
  • Stroke length 200mm

Test rig 5:1 with linear movement

Linear technology tests underwater

  • Test of pivoting wear rate
  • Load up to 100N
  • Surface speed of 0.01m/s
  • Tests at room temperature
  • Available shaft diameter 10mm

Linear technology tests underwater

Which online tools obtain the test data

The results from the product and material tests are used for new and further development and are incorporated into our free online tools for calculating service life or finding products. Each product area has its own tools, such as the expert system, which compares products according to requirements such as high compressive strength or radial forces and calculates their service life.

Test in the test lab and igus online tool  

Selected tests from the igus test lab

We thoroughly test our linear technology whether it is for service life or coefficient of friction. In addition to numerous product and material tests, we also examine individual customer applications. To give you an idea, we have compiled a selection of tests.

We test your application

You do not wish to experiment, but you want to test materials for your application before use? Or do you have an unusual application and are looking for a suitable solution? No problem. We will test your application in our test lab and will use our expertise to find the best igus® solution for you. No matter whether plain bearing, energy chain, cable, linear technology, bar stock or Low Cost Automation.

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The different areas of the igus test lab

drylin linear technology

iglidur test rig  

robolink Low Cost Automation

robolink test rig  

e-chain energy supplies

Energy chain test rig  

chainflex cables

chainflex test rig  

The igus test lab

Test lab load test