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Low Cost Automation - Cost effective solutions for industrial automation

Low Cost Automation at igus® is to reveal and lead a new direction for robots and automation in the world. Stretching across small and large businesses alike, we aim to supply affordable, long-lasting, and high value products to anyone who needs automation at their business but cannot face a long return of investment (ROI) nor an unreliable product. Similarly, the phrase Low-Cost Automation stands for a significant increase in productivity with help in the form of robotics components.

Our goal is to make cost-effective and user-friendly automation solutions accessible to everyone. At igus®, everything you need for cost-effective process automation from a single source is provided.


Fast ROI with Low Cost Automation

Whether an automation system is worthwhile depends not only on the acquisition costs but also on the long-term costs, e. g. for peripheral devices, adaptations to existing machines and installation costs. A crucial factor is the comparison between an automated production line and a conventional production without robots.

The benefits of automation and robotics:
  • Support for employees: e. g. through physical relief and improved ergonomics
  • Flexibility: Individual adaptation to production systems and manufacturing processes
  • Reliability: High technology reliability and low error rates
  • Speed: Handling large order volumes at peak periods

Automation solutions in practice

... possible through motion plastics

Automation solutions are used in every industry, from agriculture to the trades to retail. They can help to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety. For example, automatic harvest helpers can help farmers to harvest crops more quickly and easily, while dosing robots can help tradespeople to mix chemicals more accurately. Labelling robots can help retailers to label products more quickly and consistently.

Cost-effective robotics solutions are available that can be tailored to the specific needs of any industry. If you are looking for ways to improve your business, consider investing in automation solutions

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igus robots


igus robot control system and software

The igus Robot Control enables a simple and intuitive system for robot control and programming. Different igus kinematics can be controlled with the control system. The free-of-charge, licence-free igus Robot Control software is integrated into the control system and thus makes use of a uniform operating concept and consistent communication services for many components of a system. Your advantage: less project planning effort and faster commissioning.
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Founded in 1964

1964 - igus founded

Automation since 2012

Automation since 2012


Accompanied 10,000+ projects

Customer Testing Area

45 customer testing areas


Active in 24 countries

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50+ employees

Low Cost Automation roadshow

Experience the igus robots live on site. The Low Cost Automation team is touring all over Europe with the roadshow!

Experts give a live demonstration of the robots and program your individual application. Get advice at your own location and take the opportunity to ask specific questions. Convince yourself of the high quality of our automation solutions.
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Low Cost Automation Support

Do you need help with product selection or your project? You can reach us via these channels:

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