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E2 micro applications

"E2 micro" applications

E2 micro e-chain® are very small, low-weight, one-piece energy chains ideal for highly dynamic applications. E2 micro e-chain® is not-to-be-opened, stable and available in many versions. igus® also offers numerous accessories and mounting options. "UPGrades" of the snap-open versions are available for many types; they are interchangeable among themselves and can thus be used as, among others, spare parts pack for new assembly options.

Typical industrial sectors and applications:

General construction machinery, models (micro e-chain®), automatic doors, vehicles, measuring machines, electronic handling systems

Sliding door in the subway with igus® chainflex® CF9 Cable for the smallest of installation spaces
igus® E2 micro e-chain® is also stable in standing applications
Sliding doors in a train - UL94- V2 version

e-chains® in CNC machining centre

Secure cable guidance thanks to igus®: e-chains® in CNC machining centre made of wood

Hybrid Drive

“RowTrike” - the best combination between fun and fitness.

Energy chains for 3D printers

3D printers: energy chains from igus ensure the reliable, computer-controlled production of plastic parts

3D Printing machine

Lubricant-free, accurate, and very quiet: igus® components in 3D printers.

energy chains for microassembly

Extreme demands on availability and durability

Solar energy on a sailing boat

For protection against outdoor influences the connection cables of the solar cell were mounted in an E2 micro energy chain.

Excavator model

This prototype of an excavator model is fully functional with a lifting capacity of 500 g and a lifting height of 30 cm in the bucket.

Door drives

Previously used cables have been replaced by flexible CF9 TPE control cables, which have a significantly longer service life.

Spray-painting robot

In this paint-spraying machine, sensors aremoved over minimum space.

Mobile operating table

To control andsupply the lying surface area, data and electrical cables, including hydraulic hoses, are run along the column.

Adjustable speaker’s desk

This height-adjustable design speaker’sdesk is very flexible in its features.

PLC laboratory trainer

The aim of the concept is to demonstrate to the students how to handle a programmable logic controller (abbreviation: PLC) in an attractive way.

Electric go-cart

Conversion of a go-cart with combustion engine into an electric go-cart with maximum driving pleasure.

Robot elephant

To the quarter finals of EUROBOT 2009 with the robot "elephant".

Hard drive enclosure

Small igus® e-chains® of the series E2 micro route the power and data cables into a newly developed hard drive enclosure.

Further interesting applications from extremely diverse areas can be found here.


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