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Radar-based system from AlpinaTec Technical Products GmbH

Description of application:

  • Type of machine: three-axis positioning system
  • Final customer: Fraunhofer Institute
  • Customer requirements:
    • System with a pivoting angle of >400°
    • Tight installation space
  • Solutions from igus: E4.56 series with reverse bend radius and tiewrap plates for strain relief

The silver vector award goes to AlpinaTec GmbH Technical Products GmbH. The "GESTRA" project is a specially developed, radar-based system that is used to search for and map space debris.

Customer requirements:

The "GESTRA" project consists of the following: a transmitter and receiver system, for which two three-axis positioning systems with electrically tensioned and clearance-free drives as well as appropriate cable and supply lines were designed.  Due to the small installation space, the complexity, and the degrees of freedom of the axis arrangement, as well as the variety of media and signals to be carried, not to mention the resulting diversity of hoses and cables, the compact energy supply system was one of the biggest challenges in this project.

igus solutions:

Taking into account the tight space conditions, a two-sided double chain system could be defined for the elevation axis. The whole system is able to cope with changing gravity conditions, which is a decisive criterion. In close co-operation with igus, a complex RBR application incl. a "floating island" was developed and implemented specially for the azimuth axis. For this purpose, E4.56 series energy chains and strain relief elements, article number 3250.ZB, were used.

To the E4.56 series
AlpinaTec positioning system
AlpinaTec positioning system