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Why igus® e-chain systems®

energy chains are like umbilical cords of modern machines
Long unsupported lengths with various fittings are possible
As long as six football fields: 615 m travel with igus® energy chains in the conveyor system of the brown coal excavator.

Designed to guide and protect

energy chains and energy chain systems are like the umbilical cords of modern machines. They reduce downtimes and increase the service lives of cables and hoses.
Plastic energy chains have been developed, produced and tested by igus® since 1971.

The igus® product range includes over 80,000 innovative products from stock and from "batch size one". From the smallest Micro flizz® chain to the world's biggest* polymer e-chain®.
Our know-how is continuously advanced, also in collaboration with our customers, and then introduced into serial production.

*Status 04/2008

energy chains - Universal use

Various types of motion.

Carry sensitive bus, data and fiber optic cables, as well as energy forms such as electricity, gas, air and liquids.

In case of very high dynamic stressing capacity and tough demands on service life.

Smooth operation in a full range of environments and climates.

Space-saving installation.

High accelerations are fielded.

Simple assembly of the modular system on site, as well as quick retrofit of cables.

Save your time and money while purchasing
and using energy chains and energy chain systems!

Innovative, quick-to-assemble products.

Delivered straight from stock – saves you storage costs.

Large range of products - You will immediately find the right energy chains solution.

System offers through to harnessing and turnkey installation.

Swift project planning and consulting with a dense network of local sales engineers in Germany and all over the world.

Longer travel distances, higher speeds, better service lives

Travels with energy chains of 600 m and above.

Gliding speeds up to 5 m/s (more in individual cases)

Service lives of 10 years and more with igus® e-chain systems®.


Quality - all tested and from one manufacturer

igus® e-chain systems® provide you with tested quality from a single source thanks to experience made over three decades. This is confirmed by numerous test certificates and seals of approval such as DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.
igus® energy chains are constantly being tested under real-life conditions in our own laboratory. For you this means: cable protections, little downtime, high level of operational safety.
Each individual case is different. The igus® system guarantee provides safety and security. Warranty certificates are issued for your application on an individual basis.



pre-assembled e-chain systems®

Do not worry any more about the procurement of numerous items from numerous suppliers. We have the know-how to obtain the best individual parts fast and cheap. We do the assembling for you from simple energy chain systems with inlaid chainflex® cables right through to complex systems. These systems can contain all cables, hoses (pneumatic, hydraulic), plug connectors, interior separation, mounting brackets and mounting parts to suit your requirements.

Only order what you need

You determine the degree of harnessing

You choose the length you need

Save time and money

With an igus® readychain® energy chain system, you get a finished product: No fiddling with cables, connectors, partitions, strain reliefs or other accessories.

In this way you'll find the right energy chain

General information about igus® energy chain systems